Remove The Clutter

One of the key benefits of a soundbar is that it reduces clutter by eliminating the need for surround speakers and cables throughout your room. Arena 5000 is elegant and compact in spite of its brawn and blends in beautifully any decor style.

The Engineering Marvel

Our audio engineers have spent months testing, tuning and developing the perfect soundbar by using advanced audio technology to give you immense value and a complete cinematic experience.

Panoramic Soundstage

Arena 5000 provides an expansive soundstage where the high and mid frequencies are delivered through speaker drivers placed within the soundbar to produce full-spectrum audio quality with such lifelike depth, clarity, detail that it transports you to an extraordinary realm with breathtaking sound effects. Whether it is a bird's song or a lion's roar, you will feel the action all around you as the sound travels behind you and creates an arena-like experience.

Versatile Input Options

Get multiple connectivity options with Bluetooth v4.2, AUX, USB and includes an AUX to RCA and AUX to AUX cable which enables it to work with TVs(LCD/LED/Smart), mobiles, computers and tablets.

Bold and Powerful Subwoofer

To a discerning music lover, the subwoofer is irreplaceable, which is why ARENA 5000 provides a wired subwoofer with bold, powerful sound and high impactful bass to produce immersive sound that feels like it's moving around the room.

Set The Mood

Design your sound just the way you like it by adjusting the bass and treble buttons on the remote. You can also use the four pre-defined EQ modes - Movies, Music, News and 3D depending on your viewing choice.

Easy to Setup

Arena 5000 comes loaded with two wall mount EVA pads and two wall mount screws to facilitate wall mount installations. Alternatively, you can also install it on the table depending how you want to design your room.

Choose The Best Fit

Arena 5000 is compact and lightweight making it the perfect complement for your TV. The stylish and sleek design adds to the beauty of your living space and blends in effortlessly with your room's decor, whatever the style.

In The Box
  • 01User Manual (In English language)X1
  • 02Wall Mounting Accessories Set
  • 03Remote Controller X1
  • 04Line in to RCA Cable (0.5M)
  • 05Line to Line Cable (0.5M)

Detailed Specifications

  1. Audio Output: 2.1CH, Wired Subwoofer
  2. AUX input
  3. USB input
  4. Wireless Bluetooth Version: 4.2+EDR with range upto 10m
  5. LED indicator
  6. Digital Amplifier with DSP inside
Power Supply
Adapter AC 110V-240V 50Hz/60Hz
Power Output
10W*2+25W=45W R.M.S.
Driver Unit
2 inch*2 (Soundbar) + 4 inch (Subwoofer)
Input impedance
Frequency Response
≥ 72dB
< /=1%(1K/1W)
Input Sensitivity
SB: 800mV±50mV; SW: 400mV±50mV
Soundbar:70H*78D*700L mm Subwoofer: 140W*195H*280D mm