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"Mulo Arena 6000 soundbar is practically designed" - The Telegraph

From their backyard in Calcutta, Mulo has been capturing ears with various audio solutions for a few years now. The strength of the brand lies in delivering high-quality audio at an affordable price, punching truly above its weight with established names. In for review is the company’s latest, Arena 6000 soundbar, the successor to Arena 5000.

Though TVs are getting slimmer and more gorgeous, the sound output graph is going south. So soundbars can bring huge improvements to your TV and movie viewing experience. Or for that matter, music listening. Like cars or phones, there is no limit to spending on a soundbar, which makes it imperative to ask “What are you looking for?” Clarity of dialogue? A small amplification in sound quality? Booming audio? Surround sound? The Arena 6000 is a shoo-in among customers who are looking for crisp audio without many frills or breaking the piggy bank.

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